Bling Creations

BLING Creations has been an established brand since 2011. It was founded by Shamima Bhayla thanks to her passion for jewellery and all things “bling”. After a fruitless search for the perfect jewellery organiser, Bhayla got the idea to design and manufacture her dream organiser. What resulted was the Ultimate Jewellery Organiser. From there Bling Creations set about delivering clients products that are unrivalled, timeless, and of a world-class standard.
“Our brand itself, as well as our product range, leave a long-lasting impression on our clients, ”says Bhayla. “Whether the intention is a gift or a personal buy, the appeal to our clients is lifelong.”

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033 342 2114

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50 Sanctuary Road, Chasevalley, Pietermartizburg, 3201.
033 341 9570